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We sold Stud Welding/Weld Stud/Shear Connector, Welding Ferrule/Ceramic Ferrule, and Ceramic Backup Tape/Ceramic Backing Plate in the first two years. And then we started to sell Honeycomb Ceramic and BBQ in 2005. Because protecting environment is more and more important for human being, we created Ceramic Backing Plank in 2006 and marketed it in 2007. We also applied for the patent of Ceramic Backing Plank. At present our main merchandises are Shear Connector/Stud Welding/Weld Stud, Ceramic Backing Plank, Ceramic Backing Plate/Ceramic Backup Tape, Ceramic Ferrule/Welding Ferrule, Honeycomb Ceramic, and BBQ.
Country: Taiwan

Crusher backing for all makes of rock crushers, along with hydraulic clamping and adjustments system for Symons cone crushers. We are the MANUFACTURER of crusher backing for rock and cone crushers, and the Hydraulic Clamping and Adjustment system for Symons Cone Crushers, we also stock new and used rock cone crusher parts.
Country: Canada

BACKSTOP Industries Co., established in 1987, produced welding rods in the early years. Because of the demand of the market, we developed and manufactured Ceramic Backup Tape / Ceramic Backing and Ceramic Ferrule / Welding Ferrule for welding to supply Taiwanese and the worldwide markets since 1992. In the period of time, we improved many technical problems to turn out products which have higher quality and competitive price to meet customers’need. In 2002, Ceramic End Tab was made by us. As people from every country are paying more attention at safety and quality of welding, and we found there's room for improvement in Ceramic End Tab, we worked with Taiwan famous scholars and experts together to innovate new design ceramic products. Therefore, Ceramic End Tab which needn’t use any magnetic clamps or aluminum tapes had already finished both in the laboratory and plant, and had got 20 years patent in America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In order to make the process of the work more convenient and easier, we successfully researched and developed the new product, Ceramic Backup Tape in 2005. We had applied for a patent on our Ceramic Backup Tape in Asia in 2006; in 2007, we had petitioned for ones in Europe and USA. We are marketing our new patent product, Ceramic Backup Tape, in 2008. Now, we are the largest Ceramic Backup Tape, Ceramic Ferrule, Ceramic End Tab, and Backing Plank manufacturer in Taiwan to export them to Europe, America, Asia, and so on.
Country: Taiwan

the company Pinnacle Insurance Brokers Ltd is based in Lagos in Nigeria and has branches in Abuja Nigeria's capital and Port Harcourt the nigeria's oil reach region. the company is interested in risk management of construction companies and architect companies. we will want to included in search web site for companies coming to Nigeria from Canada to do business in Nigeria. we have the backing of National Insurance Commission and Nigeria Council of Registered Insurance Brokers. these are the regulatory bodies in Nigeria incharge of licensing insurance companies and brokers to operate in Nigeria.
Country: Nigeria

Radiant Aluminum Roofing Systems install the most energy efficient roofing ever made. Along with the energy efficient characteristic that this product delivers is strength, beauty, and abiltily to last a lifetime. Our customers know how important a radiant barrier is to creating a more efficient roofing system. Our aluminum shingles are coupled with a foam backer. In fact, we were installing radiant heat barriers (aluminum roofing with injection molded foam backing) decades before it was the in thing to do. Our system has been cutting home electric bills on average 25% for many years and we continue to do so today.
Country: United States

Suppliers of Eli-Flex,Epoxy Wearing compounds,Crusher Backing resins,Pulley Lagging Resins, Low Voltage-High Voltage Cable Jointing Accessories,Resin splicing kits,Heatshrink Terminations/Joints. Polymer Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Low voltage – High voltage cable jointing & heat shrinkable termination accessories for all cable types including PILC and XLPE for both indoor and outdoor applications in size ranges from 16 up to 1000sq mm up to 36kV.
Country: Australia

Cherkasagroproekt Holding is Your Reliable Building Partner in Ukraine. The main rule of our Holding is Quality without Compromise in Any Project Realization. ABOUT HOLDING Cherkasagroproekt Design Institute was founded in 1986 as a merger result of two design institutes’ branches - Ukrkolhozproekt and Ukrselhozproekt - within the system of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. The Design Institute specializes in designing industrial, agricultural, civil, social and cultural facilities all throughout Ukraine. For more than 20 years the Design Institute has completed around 3850 design and engineer-survey works, more than 1300 works of which have been completed for the last 10 years. In 2007 Cherkasagroproekt participated in 14 tenders for design and engineering surveys, and won all 14 out of them. In 2008 Cherkasagroproekt Design and Construction Holding was founded. It includes the following companies: 1 Cherkasagroproekt JSC - design of agricultural, industrial and civil objects; 2.Cherkasyvodproekt JSC – design of water supply objects, treating facilities, protective constructions (dams); 3.PMK-216 JSC – building construction of any complexity and configuration. The company has gained unique experience in water retaining structures construction; 4.Zavod Stroydetal LLC - ferro-concrete structures production of any configuration; 5.StroyStal LLC – building construction using metalwork (StroyStal LLC is a partner-builder of Astron Buildings S. A.), heating system, water supply systems, and canalization assembly. SERVICES, PROVIDED BY HOLDING Cherkasagroproekt Design and Construction Holding performs the full range of construction works, among which: - earthworks of any complexity, including ground bedding arrangement by layer-by-layer compaction method, site leveling; - bottoming; - foundation; - monolithic construction arrangement of any complexity by means of wall, ceiling and columnar formworks (DOKKA, PERI, etc.); - concrete floor laying; - building and metalwork construction of any complexity; - utilities backing and assembly; - road and approach track construction (en bloc and precast); - warehouse construction for any kind of products; - treating and water facilities construction (for drinking and fireproof use); - construction of production department and related infrastructure (office blocks, switch-yards, boiler-houses, etc.); - communication and enclosure construction; - all kinds of finishing works.
Country: Ukraine